In the span of eleven tense minutes, a whirlwind of interlocking tales of life in the surveillance age unfold in this stylish, propulsive thriller from acclaimed director Jerzy Skolimowski (Deep End, Essential Killing). In a city square in Warsaw, a sleazy film director “auditions” a married actress in a hotel room; a hot dog vendor goes about his work while concealing a dark secret; a motorcycle-driving drug runner trysts with a client’s wife; and a young man plots an ill-advised robbery. Mixing sleek cinematography with footage from webcam, smartphone, and CCTV cameras, 11 Minutes masterfully lays out the pieces of a puzzle and then brings them together in an explosive climax.

Jerzy Skolimowski

Ewa Piaskowska
Jerzy Skolimowski

Jerzy Skolimowski



Vittorio Veneto Film Festival Award
Venice Film Festival

Best Editing And Best Score
Polish Film Festival

Jaeger – LeCoultre Best Film Award
Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival